E-learning Course: Educators’ Emotional Well-Being – Empowering Educators to Understand and Manage Their Stress


Educators’ Emotional Well-Being is a comprehensive self-paced five-course program that has been created specifically to address the emotional well-being of early childhood and elementary educators, caregivers, and specialists. Throughout the program, teachers will gain an understanding of their emotions and the skills they need to regulate and manage their stress and anxiety. The courses are completely self-paced so teachers can complete them at their leisure.

The program is based on over 35 years of research and practice by Dr. Donna Housman, founder, and CEO of Housman Institute. Dr. Housman has educated thousands of children and trained hundreds of teachers in her flagship evidence-based and research-informed training program, begin to ECSEL, centering on emotional, cognitive, and social early learning from birth.

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  • Course One: The Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence – Whether you’re a teacher or a school leader, gaining an understanding of the connection between our emotions and our behavior is critical. This mini-course teaches educators about how our emotions impact our thinking, work, and social interactions.
  • Course Two: Emotional Awareness: Understanding Your Own Emotionality – Being able to help children manage their own emotions starts with understanding ourselves and our own emotionality. In this mini-course, both teachers and school leaders will gain an understanding of their own emotionality, learn about the six levels of emotional awareness, and recognize the importance of understanding and knowing how to manage their own stress, anxiety, frustration, and emotions.
  • Course Three: Understanding Stress – Before we can begin to manage stress and the feelings stress can cause, we need to be able to understand stress. This mini-course helps both school leaders and educators understand the three types of stress, the causes of stress, and the impact stress can have on not only our physical and mental health, but also our personal and professional relationships, and our everyday life and well-being.
  • Course Four: Stress Management & Self-Care Techniques – Now more than ever, being able to manage stress and take care of ourselves in both our personal and professional lives is so important. This mini-course allows educators and school leaders the opportunity to learn strategies including physiological regulation, mindfulness practices, and reflective journaling to enhance their own emotionality and begin to manage their stress even in the heat of the moment.
  • Course Five: Reflective Practice – Being able to come together, identify stressors, and process your own emotionality with others in a reflective environment is an important step in building community and gaining the important understanding and skills you need to manage your emotions and those of others. This mini-course will help educators and school leaders to begin to understand the process of Reflective Practice, and how engaging in this reflective strategy can help them process and understand their own emotionality in their professional and personal lives. *This course on Reflective Practice techniques is a great introduction to our focused course for school leaders.


CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

Housman Institute is an authorized Professional Development provider in MA, VT, and NC. We will provide a course completion certificate along with the course syllabus upon course completion.

We also partnered with Bertelsen Education to provide IACET CEU for our professional development training. If you are seeking for IACET CEU for this training course, once you complete your purchase, you will need to register and pay for the $10 IACET CEU fee on Bertelsen Education’s website before accessing the course.

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