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Begin to ECSEL® (Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning) Beginnings is an online, self-paced professional learning experience designed for teachers and caregivers of children from birth to eight years of age. With begin to ECSEL Beginnings, your teaching team will improve their ability to manage real-time classroom stress and dysregulated behavior. They’ll learn proven, peer-reviewed strategies to develop children’s emotional intelligence, cognition, and social skills — the foundation for children’s well-being and academic success.   

Begin to ECSEL Beginnings subscription provides your whole center with access to all 8 online courses designed for teachers to take any time anywhere, available in both English and Spanish, for only $1,000/year (regularly $1,499/year).  See below for more information on the subscription plan options and how to purchase them.



Begin to ECSEL® (Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning) Beginnings online training offers a convenient way for early childhood education centers to participate in high-quality professional development that promotes children’s and educators’ emotional well-being and fosters emotional intelligence, social-emotional learning, empathy, and more. With a begin to ECSEL Beginnings subscription, your whole school* will have access to all 8 begin to ECSEL online courses that each include 3 digestible, 30-minute modules, approximately 16.5 hours of learning time in total. The course topics cover:

  • Intro to begin to ECSEL
  • Your Own Emotionality
  • Getting to Know Emotion
  • Emotion in the Heat of the Moment
  • Connecting Emotion and Early Learning
  • Empathy, Inclusivity, and Prosocial Behaviors
  • Begin to ECSEL Tools and Trauma-Informed Techniques
  • ECSEL in the Everyday Classroom for All Learners

Each course includes a pre- and post-assessment, instructional videos, interactive activities, live classroom footage, discussion activities, reflection prompts, summary, and resources for extended learning. Each course requires at least 2 hours of learning time and extra time for application and implementation in the classroom. Both English and Spanish courses are available in the subscription.

*The subscription covers up to 20 licenses for a single school/center site for only $1,000/year or $100/month.  

Quick access to the annual subscription plan and monthly subscription plan.



After you subscribe to the online training successfully, you will receive an email with instructions on 1.) how to access our online learning platform (Housman Learning), 2.) how to assign subscription licenses to users (including yourself), and 3.) how to enroll your staff in the learning platform. 

More instructions and tutorials will be included in the confirmation email to get you started.



Different from the full begin to ECSEL Training and Mastery Program, which offers a comprehensive training program with classroom tools, live coaching, online school community, mentor training and support in addition to the Teacher Training, the begin to ECSEL Online Training Subscription allows schools/centers to start with only 8 online Teacher Courses and decide later if they need more supports. Add-on packages include but not limited to:

  • begin to ECSEL Mentor Training Subscription
  • live coaching calls
  • ECSEL classroom tools
  • ECSEL Curriculum Library

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