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Our Emotions™ Cards is a foundational ECSEL® tool that provides children from 0 to 8 with opportunities to begin recognizing, identifying, understanding, and expressing the emotions they feel throughout the day. They are the perfect portable size for little hands to explore each and every feeling, and for you to take just about anywhere on the go.

These thick and durable cards serve as a visual resource to help educators, caregivers, and parents of young children promote emotional literacy around 15 frequently experienced emotions and feelings, while also providing a model of emotional experiences for infants and toddlers.

Our Emotions™ Cards also come with a portable, hangable mirror for even the youngest of children to observe and compare their own emotions, and each emotion card is reinforced to allow for tactile exploration. Remember, it is never too early to begin to build emotional intelligence!

In addition to a set of emotions cards, you will also get access to an on-demand webinar and implementation guide to support the use of Our Emotions™ Cards in and out of the classroom and a translation sheet including Spanish and Chinese translations for all 15 emotions.

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Important Details

After your purchase, the Our Emotions Cards will be shipped to your address along with a print implementation guide. You will also find the on-demand webinar and the Spanish and Chinese translation sheet on your user dashboard. If you purchase the Our Emotions Cards through PO or Amazon without going through the payment process in the Housman Shop, please contact info@housmaninstitute.org to get access to the on-demand webinar and translation sheet.


Ways to use Our Emotions™ Cards:

  • Choose the feelings and emotions that are most appropriate for your children’s developmental level to carry on your ring!
  • Use the mirror to help reflect children’s emotional expressions.
  • Flip through the cards to choose which emotion or feeling is being experienced in the heat of the moment.
  • Use as visual support for non-verbal children to express their emotions.
  • Use the cards to teach about different emotions and feelings, what they look like, and what can cause them.
  • Use the cards during reading time to support emotional identification of self and others.
  • Use the cards to open up a conversation around emotions and feelings.
  • Use them for a game, like Emotions Charades!


For large orders, to pay with a PO, or a tax-exempt order, please contact us.

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