Tool Required

Global Homes (Tool Required)


Development Level: Toddler

Learning Areas: Engineering, Math

Overview: Explore images of different homes around the world! Set up stations for children to use different building materials to recreate homes that interest them the most.


  • ECSEL Tool: Our Emotions Cards
  • Printed images of different types of homes (mud houses, log cabins, ranches, house boats, igloos, apartment buildings, etc.)
  • Building materials for each type of house:
    • mud houses— mud made from sand & water or soil & water,
    • shovels; log cabins — Lincoln logs, popsicle sticks;
    • igloos— instant snow, shovels, buckets;
    • apartments — recycled boxes,
    • pre-cut tape
This lesson requires Our Emotions Cards. Click here to purchase or learn more about this tool.

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