Tool Required

Dramatic Play Center: Rainbow Transformation (Tool Required)


Development Level: Toddler

Learning Areas: Dramatic Play, Math, ECSEL

Overview: Transform your dramatic play center into all things rainbow! Get the children involved by including items and clothing with their favorite colors, and have them help set up materials by sorting the colors in different ways.


  • ECSEL tool: Our Emotions Cards
  • Large clear bin
  • Different colored dramatic play items* (e.g., plates, cups, kitchen items, food, clothing, dolls, stuffed animals, props)
  • Construction paper (rainbow, or to match the colors of the dramatic play items)
  • Permanent marker (teacher use only)

*Note: It can be helpful to choose a theme based on children’s current interests (e.g., restaurant, doctor’s office, clothing store, etc.) to narrow the options and make your dramatic play center less overwhelming and more inviting.

This lesson requires Our Emotions Cards. Click here to purchase or learn more about this tool.

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