Jurassic Sensory Bin


Development Level: Toddler

Learning Areas: Science, Movement (Fine Motor), Math

Overview: Fill up your sensory bin with dinosaur and Jurassic-themed items for a fun multisensory experience!


  • Note: For all materials, make sure they are age-appropriate and do not pose a choking hazard for children.
    • Large plastic bin or sensory table
    • Sand or kinetic sand (to fill the bin)
    • Various pretend fossils (e.g., footprints, shells, dinosaur bones or skeletons)
    • Rocks with different textures (e.g., smooth, rough, bumpy)
    • Leaves, sticks, or other natural materials
    • Plastic dinosaur toys and/or manipulatives
    • Paintbrushes, small shovels, and/or sieves or sifters (whatever you have available)

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