Extinction Theory Exploration


Development Level: Preschool/PreK

Learning Areas: Technology, Science, Engineering

Overview: How did the dinosaurs become extinct? Explore some of the most common extinction theories with children through these creative and hands-on activities!


  • Child-friendly dinosaur extinction explanation video (asteroid impact)
  • Computer or device to look up and play the video


  • Printed-out images of asteroids, the crater that the asteroid collision left behind, the earth
  • 1 large foam craft ball
  • 1 small foam craft ball
  • Yarn (optional, see instructions)
  •  Tape
  • Scissors (teacher use only)
  • Blue, green, brown, and grey paint or markers (or whatever you have, this can be colorful and creative!)
  • Paintbrushes and cups/palettes for paint (one for each color, if using paint)

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