2024 Featured Bundle! ECSELent Adventures Bundle (K-2nd)


The ECSELent Adventures BUNDLE (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) is a great social-emotional learning curriculum kit with Dr. Donna Housman’s award-winning children’s book series for early elementary children. The program provides children with culturally relevant learning opportunities that focus on the emotions and challenging social situations that young children experience every day. Our ECSELent Adventures curriculum includes physical and digital materials, making it versatile and user-friendly.

If you are looking for the ECSELent Adventures curriculum for early childhood children, click here.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase more than 1 kit, your team won’t be registered to the digital materials until the roster is received. See the description below for more details.

Gilly and the Garden Book Cover
1 × Book: Gilly and the Garden (Bundled)
Theo's Deliciously Different Dumplings
1 × Book: Theo's Deliciously Different Dumplings (Bundled)
Ottersons' Eruption teaches kids about anger management
1 × Book: The Ottersons' Eruption (Bundled)
Riley's Really Big Worries
1 × Book: Riley's Really Big Worries (Bundled)
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This ECSELent Adventures bundle includes our featured ECSELent Adventures Curriculum Kit and our award-winning ECSELent Adventures book series.

The ECSELent Adventures Curriculum Kit is our social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and classroom experience that blossomed from our evidence-based and research-proven ECSEL (Emotional, Cognitive, Social Early Learning) philosophy. This program engages young children from preschool through second grade in opportunities to learn how to identify, understand, express, and regulate their emotions, as well as develop empathy, prosocial, and problem-solving skills through scenarios about family, cultural differences, social situations, and more. The program provides educators with tools to foster and improve their classroom’s social-emotional learning experience.

The ECSELent Adventures with Hemmy & Shemmy book series makes it easy for teachers, caregivers, and children to read about important and challenging social-emotional topics. This book series aims to support young children’s mental health through storytelling about complex topics. Join Hemmy, Shemmy, their friends, and family as they explore the big world of emotions, all while becoming the boss of their feelings – both big and small!


The ECSELent Adventures (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) package includes:

  • 1 set of Our Emotions Cards*
  • 10 Scenario Cards (for K-2nd)
  • 2 hand puppets (Hemmy & Shemmy)
  • A year-long digital curriculum with 40 lesson plans (for K – 2nd)
  • Downloadable lite-version curriculum for easy classroom implementation
  • A 50+ page digital Educator Guide with expert tips and techniques
  • A 3-hour asynchronous online professional development training (CEU provided)

*After your purchase, You will also find the Our Emotions Cards on-demand webinar and Spanish and Chinese translation sheet (for all 15 emotions) on your user dashboard. If you make the purchase through PO without going through the payment process in the Housman Shop, please contact info@housmaninstitute.com to access the on-demand webinar and translation sheet.


The ECSELent Adventures with Hemmy & Shemmy book series currently includes:



For Individual Purchase: If you purchase only 1 kit, you are making an individual purchase. After you complete placing the order, you will receive a welcome email from our online learning platform – Housman Learning with your login credentials and instructions within a day. Your Housman Learning account will be created using your account information on the Housman Shop site. After you log in successfully, you can access the 3-hour online training, digital curriculum, and Educator Guide.

For Team Purchase: If you purchase more than 1 kit, you are purchasing for a team. A team purchase grants permission for group access to the ECSELent Adventures digital materials. Please use this link to 1) download the roster template and fill out the email address and full name of your team, and 2) submit the roster. Our administrator will register your team within 24 business hours after the roster is received.


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