DIY Sensory Bottle Shakers


Development Level: Toddler

Learning Areas: Music, Movement, Art

Overview: Support children in creating their very own sensory bottle shakers using materials of different sizes, shapes, and colors and shake them to the beat!


  • A collection of recycled plastic bottles with lids (ideally with a wide opening at the top). Make sure there are enough bottles for each child to have one. (*Note: This is a great way to involve families by asking them to donate recycled bottles for this activity.)
  • Age-appropriate art materials to fit inside the bottles such as larger beads, larger bells, cut up pipe cleaners, large cotton balls, ribbons, pieces of tinfoil rolled into balls, large buttons, etc. (*Note: Smaller materials require direct supervision by teachers so that they do not become a choking hazard for children.)
  • Large trays (one for each of your classroom tables)
  • Permanent marker (for teacher use only)
  • Hot glue gun (for teacher use only)

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