Dinosaur Bingo


Development Level: Preschool/Pre-K

Learning Areas: Math

Overview: Practice problem-solving skills by creating your own dinosaur BINGO using images of different types of dinosaurs, habitats, and extinction theories. Give a board to each child and play!


  • Blank BINGO sheets (3×3 grid is recommended)
  • Stamps, markers, colored counting chips, or other materials children can use to mark their BINGO sheets
  • Printed images of different types of dinosaurs and other Jurassic Period-related images. These images can be printed as a collection of images on the same piece of paper (combined on a single document) or can be individually printed. Ensure that all images are small enough to fit within the grid of the BINGO sheet when cut out, and that there are enough images for each child to fill their BINGO sheet completely (a 3×3 grid would require 9 images per child)
  • Scissors (4-5 per group)
  • Glue sticks (4-5 per group)

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