Climate Sensory Bins


Development Level: Toddler

Learning Areas: Science

Overview: Explore different climates with this hands-on science activity!


    • Jungle sensory bin
      • Rocks (large enough to not be a choking hazard)
      • Leaves
      • Age-appropriate jungle-themed toy animals (lion, giraffe, elephant, etc.)
    • Desert sensory bin
      • Large stones
      • Plastic cacti (or cacti cut from green sponges)
      • Age-appropriate desert-themed toy animals (spiders, lizards, snakes, etc.)
    • Arctic sensory bin
      • Water
      • Ice
      • Age-appropriate arctic themed toy animals (polar bear, penguin, whale, etc.)
    • Tropical sensory bin
      • Water
      • Sand
      • Fish
      • Palm trees
    • Printed images of places associated with each sensory bin
    • Printed photo of each child
    • Popsicle stick
    • Glue
    • Timer

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