Q: How many lessons can I buy from the ECSEL Curriculum Library?

This will depend on the ECL credits you own. Most lessons require one ECL credit to purchase, so if you purchase an ECL credit pack that contains 10 credits, you can buy up to 10 lessons.


Don’t forget that you get 10 free ECL credits the first time you become an ECL member!

Q: How much does an ECL lesson cost?

Most of the lessons cost 1 ECL credit. About 1% of our lessons require 2 ECL credits to purchase due to the length and depth of the lesson content. 2-credit lessons offer more ideas for lesson-related activities and prompts to extend learning for 2+ days.

Q: What if I find lessons I want to use for future curriculum planning, but I don’t want to use my credits for them immediately?

Wishlist is the perfect way to bookmark your favorite lessons! You can add lessons to your wishlist by selecting the heart-shaped icon on the upper-right corner of the lesson thumbnail, or by selecting “Add to Wishlist” in the lesson description. Select the corresponding heart-shaped icon in the upper-right corner of the website to quickly access and view your wishlist. You can add lessons to your cart from your wishlist whenever you are ready to buy them.

Q: How to use Wishlist?

Wishlist is a very helpful tool for you to plan your curriculum and track how many credits you may need to purchase the lessons. It can help you better decide how many credit packs you need.


Wishlist is also a perfect way to bookmark the lessons you are interested in. You can find more information about how to use it in the previous question.

Q: Will my ECL credits expire?

No! ECL credits will never expire. However, you need to become an ECL member in order to purchase the ECL credits and maintain your membership to use the credits.


Once you lose your ECL membership, you won’t be able to purchase ECL lessons anymore.

Q: How do I access the free ECL lessons?

We offer 12 free ECL lesson plans for you to try them out before you decide becoming a member with us. Simply sign up an account with us to access the free lesson plans

Q: How to I access the lessons I buy?
Under your user dashboard, go to “My Lessons”. You should be able to see all of your purchased lessons here. Use the buttons under the “Lesson” column to access each lesson. If you cancel your ECL membership, you will lose access to the lessons you have purchased.
Q: What are the tools in the “Tool Required” lessons?

We are so glad you are curious about our ECSEL tools! About 30-40% of the ECL lessons are integrated with ECSEL tools for educators to better implement the begin to ECSEL approach during these lessons. These tools include Our Emotions Cards, Our Emotions Board, and the begin to MakePeace Table. See the next question for more information about these tools.

Q: Some lessons recommend using ECSEL tools such as Our Emotions Cards, Our Emotions Board, MakePeace Table. How can I get them?

We offer several important ECSEL tools that can be used within your ECSEL curriculum. To learn more about them, visit the begin to ECSEL Tools page. You can quickly purchase Our Emotions Cards in the shop. Be on the lookout for other ECSEL tools coming soon in early 2022!

Q: There are some products I can’t find on the shop page, such as the begin to ECSEL training program and some ECSEL tools. Who should I contact to learn more?

Housman Institute has a wide range of offerings including a year-long comprehensive teacher training program for system-wide implementation, short courses that allow educators to grow in a self-paced, asynchronous environment, a unique capstone ECSEL-focused curriculum for young children, and many more physical tools and materials. Email us via info@housmaninstitute.com to learn more about our products or simply visit our website.

Q: I found some really helpful lessons! Can I share them on social media?

Of course! You can easily share your wishlist on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or via email. If you click on a lesson under the ECL shop page, you can also share a specific lesson on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, only subscription members can access lessons to purchase, and purchased lessons cannot be shared.

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