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Our Emotions Cards can be used with children from ages 0 – 8.

  • Our Emotions Cards featured our ambassadors, Hemmy and Shemmy, with 15 emotions and feelings that children from ages 0-8 often experience. 
  • Each card is thick, sturdy, and safe to be used with young children. They come with high-quality texture, so they won’t be broken by little ones easily! 
  • These cards are a perfect size to be used anywhere and can be put into a pocket or a bag easily.  
  • Each set of OEC comes with a ring, so you can take any card off the ring easy to use for teaching, games, and activities.  
  • Our Emotions Cards also include a plastic mirror to support early recognition, identification, and expression of emotions. Young children love it a lot! 
  • The price also includes access to an on-demand webinar with great tips and strategies on using OEC with young children.

Each set of OEC comes with a printed implementation guide in the shipment. The guide contains lots of ideas on how to use the cards with your children/students. The purchase of OEC also includes access to an on-demand webinar with great tips and strategies for using OEC with young children.

There are 6 books in this series. The first book “Gilly and the Garden” is about loss and death. It has been released and is currently on sale in the Housman Shop. The second book “Theo’s Deliciously Different Dumplings” is about diversity and differences, and will be released in late November 2022. There are more books coming in 2023!

Sure! These are great tools and storybooks for young children and they are good for teachers, parents, and caregivers. Please submit your information through this form to request a quote from us. Our sales representative will contact you shortly.  

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