ECSEL Curriculum Library

Q: Who can use the ECSEL Curriculum Library?

ECSEL Curriculum Library provides ready-to-use lessons and activities for adults who work with infant through pre-K. They could be individual teachers, mental health specialists, child specialists, social workers, counselors, parents, and caregivers. 

Q: How do I use the ECSEL Curriculum Library (ECL)?
ECL is a web-based library with digital lessons and activities. You can browse the library on the Housman Shop site.  
  • Easily type the keyword in the search bar to search for the related lessons, use the filters on the side to select the developmental levels (ages), learning areas, ECSEL/CASEL standards, and tools, and you can find the lessons that meet your needs.  
  • Simply add them to the cart and go through the checkout process, then you will have access to the lessons you purchased. We recommend you save your payment method, so you can quickly check out next time. 
  • You can find your purchased lessons under the User Dashboard > Digital Resources. At the end of each lesson, you can use the “print this page” button to print out the lesson and bring it to the classroom.
Q: How much does an ECL lesson cost?

Each ECL lesson costs $2.50. If you become an ECL member, your monthly cost will be $9.95 for 5 lessons.

Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

We may offer discounts and coupons from time to time. However, if you are looking to get all your teachers and staff access to the library, we provide an Enterprise plan for schools/centers. You can pay an annual membership fee and get unlimited access to our whole library.


You can also check out our Premium monthly membership plan with better value for individual teachers and caregivers.

Q: What learning areas do you cover?

We cover 10 different learning areas that are focused on most early learning settings, including STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), art, literacy, dramatic play, music, movement, and ECSEL. ECSEL as its standalone learning area will mainly focus on social-emotional learning lessons/activities. Lessons under the ECSEL category could be used as a supplemental SEL curriculum. 

Q: What are ECSEL standards?

ECSEL standards are developed by the Housman team based on Dr. Donna Housman’s over 35 years of research and training. Each ECL lesson has its own learning goals focusing on these ECSEL standards. They include Emotional Identification, Emotional Understanding, Emotional Expression, Emotional Regulation, Cause & Effect, Empathy & Prosocial Skills, and Problem Solving. Learn more about ECSEL standards here.

Q: Do you align with CASEL standards?

Yes! We understand that CASEL is a nationally known SEL standard that most states are following to implement their SEL curriculum and activities. Thus, each of our ECL lessons also aligns with the CASEL five core competencies and you can filter our lessons by CASEL standard.

Q: What if I find lessons I want to use for future curriculum planning, but don’t want to purchase them right away?
Wishlist is the perfect way to bookmark your favorite lessons! You can add lessons to your wish list by selecting the heart-shaped icon on the lower-right corner of the lesson thumbnail, or by selecting “Add to Wishlist” in the lesson description. Select the corresponding heart-shaped icon in the upper-right corner of the website to quickly access and view your wish list. You can add lessons to your cart from your wish list whenever you are ready to buy them.
Q: How to access the lessons I buy?

Under your user dashboard, go to “Digital Resources”. You should be able to see all your purchased lessons here. Use the buttons under the “Resource” column to access each lesson.  

Q: What does the “Tool Required” or “Book Required” mean in the lesson title??

To better support the implementation of ECSEL lessons and activities, we incorporate easy-to-use ECSEL tools and books in 30% of our lessons in the library. The current tools and books we incorporate are Our Emotions Cards and “Gilly and the Garden” book.

Q: How can I get the required tools or books?
They are all on sale on the Housman Shop site

Sure! We welcome everyone to share our ECL lesson purchase link with peers and colleagues. You can simply click the social media icons on the lesson product description page to share. 

Q: Can I check out as a guest?

Unfortunately, you must create an account to check out ECL lessons because these lessons are digital items, so you won’t be able to access them without an account.

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