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Q: What can I expect to receive from the ECSELent Adventures curriculum kit?

The ECSELent Adventures curriculum program includes physical materials and digital materials. 

  • All the physical materials will be shipped in an ECSELent Adventures box to your address, including 2 hand puppets (Hemmy & Shemmy), a set of Our Emotions Cards with an implementation guide, a set of 10 scenario cards, and an information guide about how to use these materials.  
  • You will receive a link to the on-demand webinar about tips and tricks on using Our Emotions Cards via email. If you purchase directly from the Housman Shop, you can access it through your user dashboard.
  • You will have access to the digital curriculum, including 40 lesson plans (full and lite versions) as well as a comprehensive Educator Guide. 
  • You will have access to a 3-hour online professional development training which will give you ample information and tips on how to implement ECSELent Adventures with your students!
Q: Is this a “boxed curriculum”?

Yes, ECSELent Adventures (EA) is a boxed curriculum—but it won’t box you in! EA includes everything you would need for a comprehensive, age-appropriate scaffolded SEL curriculum including step-by-step lessons that are CASEL standard aligned plus additional information and ideas to address what may happen outside of your SEL block. After all, emotions can and do occur during unpredictable times, and in unpredictable ways, especially in diverse classrooms with unique needs and personalities. ECSELent Adventures introduces children to the vocabulary, techniques, and tools they will need to deal with their strong emotional moments, so when it happens, both the students and the adults in their lives are equipped to turn dysregulated moments into teachable ones!

Q: What’s the difference between the ECSELent Adventures (preschool - pre-K/K) kit and the ECSELent Adventures (K - 2nd) kit?

While all ECSELent Adventures curriculum is scaffolded and differentiated for a wide range of students, our curriculum is separated into two age groups for a couple of reasons. 

  • We are standards-aligned and consider the developmental levels of children, and choose lesson length, and depth of knowledge based on the target age of the children involved. 
  • We have suggested implementation ideas or choices—some of which are geared towards beginning readers and others which are geared towards pre-readers. 
Q: What are the benefits of using ECSELent Adventures (EA)?
  • ECSELent Adventures is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, scaffolded, out-of-the-box curriculum that has everything you will need to meet the Social Emotional needs of your students. 
  • From our online training, you can better understand how to best meet the emotional needs of your students in and out of emotional experiences, versatile and loveable tools such as 10 vibrant and detailed scenario cards, 15 portable double-sided emotion cards, 40 scaffolded lessons plus extension ideas, and otterly irresistible puppets, Hemmy and Shemmy, ECSELent Adventures has everything your classroom would need for regular SEL time, as well as those teachable moments you encounter on a daily basis—students struggling to share and take turns, prickly drop-offs, disagreements with friends, frustration over a difficult assignment, and more! 
  • Best of all this curriculum is not only rigorous and age-appropriate, but fully aligned to CASEL standards, and developed by expert educators who integrated up-to-date teaching practices, immersion ideas with the core subject matter, and differentiation strategies for learners in all stages.
Q: How long does the online training portion of the ECSELent Adventures Program take?
The optional digital portion of this program is comprised of 3 short courses that will take approximately 3 hours to complete. These courses are meant to be taken over the course of several months, while deploying the curriculum in a classroom, and are rich with practical examples, scenarios, and resources that educators can reference at their leisure, and as need arises. For more details, download the syllabus.
Q: How do I access the online learning platform?
  • If you already have an account, simply log into the Housman Learning platform to access your courses. The Housman Learning platform is currently only accessible to learners who have registered for our online training programs/courses. 
Once you complete an order on our Shop for any online training courses/programs, you will receive an email with your login credentials. Please note that if you are doing a team registration (more than 1 seat), you need to submit the roster to our administrator.
Q: Can I print the lessons?

Yes. You may download and print the lite versions of the lessons to reference as you teach and plan. If you need more details and tips, you may find the full versions of the lessons as well as the educator guide and many helpful digital resources on the online Housman Learning platform. 

Q: How often should I implement the curriculum?

ECSELent Adventures is broken up into 10 monthly topics, each with 4 weekly lessons. For the best results, the contents should be visited several times a week. Each lesson has 3-5 extension ideas on how to integrate and extend the lesson topic to be taught seamlessly with other grade-appropriate content areas such as writing, art, math, science, and more.

Q: How long does the shipment take?

Your items will be shipped out usually within 2 days from your purchase and it may take 2 to 10 days to deliver depending on your shipping address.

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