Scribble Art

Learning Areas:

  • Art
  • Music


What is this activity?

ECSEL Standards

What skills are being enhanced? What knowledge is gained?


What do you need to prepare for this activity?

Group of infants. Five mixed race baby boy toddlers having fun together sitting on the floor. Flat style vector illustration isolated on white background.


Step by step guide

ECSEL Prompts

What questions can you ask to promote ECSEL thinking and discussions?

Extended Learning

How can you extend children’s thinking?


What could be more fun than expressing our emotions through art? What better way to show our emotions than through drawing? Give your young students the freedom to express themselves artistically in whatever way they please! Verbally identify their facial expressions as they work. 

ECSEL Standards & Learning Goals

What skills are being enhanced & what knowledge is being gained through this activity?

Emotional Identification

Children will begin to develop their ability to identify different emotions using Our Early Emotions Cards with teacher guidance.

Emotional Regulation

Children will begin to develop strategies to calm down.

CASEL Standards

Self-Awareness, Self-Management


  • ECSEL Tool: Our Emotions Cards
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Art paper
  • Masking tape
  • Music


  1. Sometimes, your students will need to release some pent up energy. Scribble Art gives young students the freedom to release this energy in an artistic way.
  2. Have each student sit in front of a piece of art paper that is fastened either to a table or the floor with masking tape.
  3. Lay out an array of colorful pencils or crayons for children to choose from and have them color freely while you help them to identify and regulate their emotions as they work.
  4. Play a variety of music during this activity to further convey or evoke emotions

ECSEL Prompts

ECSEL Prompts are helpful questions & guiding statements you can use to provoke children’s thinking about emotions. These prompts are related to this specific activity.

I see you are smiling! That tells me you are feeling happy while drawing.

How does seeing the color blue make you feel? What about the color blue makes you feel that way? (Repeat this question with other colors.)

Is drawing while listening to music making you feel happy and calm? I see your face looks calm.

Extended Learning

Use these questions & ideas to extend children’s learning!

Use Our Early Emotions Cards with children to strengthen emotional identification: “I saw that you were feeling happy when you were drawing! See? This is what happy looks like!” (repeat with other emotions)

Infant – Scribble Art


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